Why is PTE your best choice?

“I have owned and managed electrical, signage, and electronic security businesses for over

27 years. I understand your business and the challenges you face.”

– Simon (owner of PTE)

Our flagship product, we aim to provide a professional and reliable phone answering service. that meets and surpasses your needs.

As the front end of your business, we want to impress your customers so much, that they will love you forever, and keep returning for your services and products.

Why? Because we know that YOUR success is OUR success.

We know how important being organised and on time for your customers appointment is.

But it takes time from your day to receive calls, ask questions, then check and book your diary.

So we do it for you!
But there's more: we can call your customer to confirm the appointment prior to your arrival, so they are there when you arrive.

How many times have customers forgot to call you to move an appointment because their day has changed. Life happens!

We also can message you, so you don't get absorbed in what your doing and miss it.
We're here for you!'

It’s another extra that can be included in the service, ask us!


Every business requires clerical work. Whether it’s a quote, invoice, tender document or a letter requesting that overdue payment, we can take care of it for you.


Still trying to get your head around it? Don't have enough time to manage it?


We can! Just ask.


In this modern digital world building online relationships  is critical to your success. It allows new customers to find you, know you and seek your services.


Integrate your social marketing with your website and improve your lead generation.


It's another way to stand out and be different while you grow your business.

Do you maintain a database of customers? What percentage of clients have not bought again in 12 months?


It is cost effective  to maintain existing customers so they return again and again.


We can give them a reason to return. Just ask!

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