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We will remove the problem of interrupting phone calls while you are working.  While receiving calls from prospective clients is critical for any business to grow, spending time on the phone answering questions while another customer is paying for your time, is a recipe for disaster. We will field all calls, answer queries, sort the time wasters from the legitimate callers and book an appointment, or take a message or whatever your instructions may be. It is up to you! But in the end, you will look more professional and reliable to your customers making your business more attractive to them.

The short answer is yes. Answering your phones is our flagship product, your first layer of service. But there are more. Depending on your needs, we can provide a host of other services. We want to create the business environment that you can grow from. So, let’s discuss your needs and we can tailor an all-inclusive service package for you, for one flat monthly fee. Unlike our competitors, we do not have any extra or hidden costs.

What services do you need? Request a return phone call by clicking the button below to discuss them, and we can tailor a package for you. We cannot do everything, but we will try. Just for you!

At this point we do not know what services you require, so it is difficult to say. But I am sure, after you have told us, you will be very surprised at the reasonable investment compared to our competitors. We do not have incoming call limits or expensive charges for each incoming call over your limit, fees for call transfers or charges for messages. We will offer you one flat rate. The same rate every month unless your needs change. We’ve got your back and we won’t let you down. Click the button below to request a return phone call. No obligation. Tell us what you need and we can tailor our services for you.

We are not trying to compete with other companies! We will be the most affordable, professional and reliable service in our industry. Let us prove it! We don’t charge by the hour. We do not place incoming call limits on you and then charge double the fee for each extra call received. There are no hidden or extra costs. Whatever you require will be tailored into an all-inclusive package with one monthly fee. We want you to be so ecstatic about our services that you stay with us forever. Its love all-round at PTE.

Click the button below. Request a return call or ask another question. We don’t want your business until you are sure you want ours. The last thing we want is to waste your precious time. We will do our best to win your business short of adopting you. You can count on it!

Have any more questions?

It is possible you may have a question that is not listed above, and that’s ok. All questions are worth asking. Otherwise, how can you be sure you made the right decision. Just click the button below and ask. We are here to help.

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